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Fri Jun 4 13:44:27 MDT 2004

I am surprised to see no comment on my message of Wed 02/06/2004 11:39
incorrectly titled on its subject line: "Historical Paletsine - a si ngle

There's plenty of talk on this list about the continuing disaster and
killling in Iraq - but the same has been going on since 1947 in Palestine.

My MAIN gripe at Stalin is that he agreed to the disastrous partition of
Palestine and the setting up of the theocratic state of Israel !!  And what
a disaster it has been....

Developments in the last few months - with the building of the wall dividing
Palestinian villages from each other and the Israeli incursions into Gaza
strip at Rafah, really do raise a serious question mark about the UN
proposal for a two-state solution to the problem.  It has been clear for
years that the Israeli government has no intention of ever allowing a viable
Palestinian state (even one divided between the West Bank and Gaza).

How much longer before Israel is treated in the same way as apartheid South
THAT campaign was won. When are we going to start campaigning for a unitary
SECULAR Palestine?

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