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Another fake
Cover story, New Statesman
John Pilger
Monday 31st May 2004

Shareholders wanted the Mirror editor out long before the allegedly
bogus photos. Does anyone care that the BBC and other papers fall for
the hoaxes of US and UK rulers?

Piers Morgan was sacked as editor of the Daily Mirror because he ran
the only popular newspaper in Britain to expose the "war on terror" as
a fraud and the invasion of Iraq as a crime. He was marked long before
the Mirror published the apparently faked pictures of British troops
torturing Iraqi prisoners.

On 4 July 2002, American Independence Day, the Mirror published a
report of mine, displayed on the front page under the headline "Mourn
on the Fourth of July" and showing Bush flanked by the Stars and
Stripes. Above him were the words: "George W Bush's policy of bomb
first and find out later has killed double the number of civilians who
died on 11 September. The USA is now the world's leading rogue state".

It was the Mirror at its most potent; not since it distinguished
itself as the first mass-circulation paper in the western world to
oppose the US invasion of Vietnam and, before that, the British
invasion of Suez, had it confronted the rapacious policies of a
British government and its principal ally. Most of the media were then
consumed and manipulated by the fake issue of Iraq's non-existent
weapons of mass destruction: "45 minutes from attack", said the London
Evening Standard front page; "He's got 'em . . . let's get him", said
the Sun.

In contrast, the Mirror reported that Bush and Blair were lying, that
the "liberation" of Afghanistan had installed warlords as barbaric as
the Taliban, that US forces had killed almost double the number of
civilians killed in the twin towers on 11 September 2001, and that the
coming invasion of Iraq had been long planned. It was certainly not
the first to say this, but it made sense of it for a popular

The day after the "mourn on the Fourth of July" piece was published, a
senior executive of the New York investment company Tweedy Browne,
major shareholders in the Trinity Mirror newspaper group, called the
Mirror and shouted down the phone at senior management, demanding
Morgan's head and mine. This pressure continued as the Murdoch press
in the United States and other lunar right-wing papers and
broadcasters railed against the "treacherous" Mirror. When, on 1 May
last, the Mirror published its "torture" photographs, Tweedy Browne
again led the charge of powerful shareholders, notably Fidelity Asset
Management, the biggest mutual company in America, run by the
billionaire Edward C Johnson III, a donor to the Bush re-election
campaign. "We will have to look very carefully," said an executive of
Deutsche Asset Management, another shareholder, "at what Trinity
Mirror does next in order to protect the value of the Mirror brand."
Was corporate influence on the press, and its right to be wrong, ever
more eloquently expressed?

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