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>Enjoyed reading Melvin's recent posts on the variety of subjects. Was
wondering if he has read Rudolf Bahro's book 'The Alternative' written
in 1978 in East Berlin. I've since discovered Bahro was imprisoned for
it for a year, before getting released and deported, he then started the
Green party in West Germany, recieved a full pardon and the was present
to start up the Party of Democratic Socialism in Berlin in the early


I have not read the book you refer to above. All my life I have been in a 
nonsensical fight with another section of the working class in a smilier manner 
that women have to fight men for their emancipation. It is an extremely complex 
fight that requires a profound Marxist orientation for one not to lose their 

The question of the bureaucracy is complex and poses itself different in 
different countries in real time, but the bottom line is that everyone is really 
fighting that aspect of the superstructure called the bureaucracy. 

My point of departure on the level of the theory of the origins of the 
bureaucracy is with the ideologists that asserts that the Soviet industrial 
bureaucracy grew out of not just the state - but that aspect of the state that is 
police action. 

This is of course impossible. 

In the realm of philosophy the question is what causes people to connive - or 
rather conceive, the impossible, because bureaucracy and industrial 
bureaucracy does not grow out of police agencies but rather the heavy manufacturing 
process. Anyone that looks at the European conquest of the Americas, slavery and 
the transition in the form of wealth from landed property to gold, will evolve 
a different concept of the evolution of industrial society and its bourgeois 
property relations. 

What has been the ideological block to this point of view? 

What causes people to conceive the impossible? 

Forget the black skin in chains and concentrate on the enormous 
infrastructure that must come into existence to make conquest possible and the story of the 
means of production burst forward for everyone to see. 

Marxism in AMerican has had a very bad time owing to the history of the 
actual formation of our working class in the North. 

This is my history and I repudiate nothing. 

I admit my mistakes and blame nothing on the Comintern or the Kremlin. 

Shit happens. 

This matter of the bureaucracy and six years of anti-communism, which in 
American history is tightly fused with white chauvinism is receding. 

Today is a good day to be a communist in America. What could not be won in 
history in the battle for ideas, can be won today. 

Melvin P. 

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