[Marxism] Ronald Raygun Dead . . .good

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Sat Jun 5 16:01:01 MDT 2004

and while we're at it a toast of tears to his many victims: 

My own celebration is tempered by the injustice that the Great Prevaricator, 
this Grand Confabulator of imperial triumphalism died comfortably in his 
sleep, surrounded by loving friends and family, untroubled by nightmares of the 
disappeared and the dead and the wailing of loved ones left behind.in Lebanon, 
Afghanistan, Nicaragua, Salvador, and AIDS-infected Africa, the great grave he 
made of the world in the merciless sweet-smiling pestilence of his reign. His 
sleep-walking presidency was the culmination of a path walked as an opportunist 
withc-hunter, a mouthpiece for reaction, a pitchman for General Electric, a 
soul-less zombie with the grin of an amiable dunce. His praise for Nazis at 
Bitburg was an outrage yet his admireers whined that their hero was being picked 
on. It was a relentless refrain in filling the empty vessel of his intellect 
by claiming his moral virtues. His obvious idiocy at Helsinki prefigured the 
descent into Alzheimer's that masked the venality and viciousness that lie at 
the heart of those who celebrate his reign. Next: Pinochet, Kissinger...If I had 
to compile a list of those who would go down with me if I were diagnosed with 
a fatal illness, that's wheere I would start. (I earlier offered to send 
"Better off Dead: An Epitaph for Richard Nixon" but I may have to add this burst 
appendix to vent my spleen.)

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