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> "Program and Principles of the Revolutionary Soviet Communists 
> (Bolsheviks)"

This pamphlet had a big impact on me and other pro-Cuban companeros when I 
came across it in South America in 1973 -- the details of where, how and why are 
significant but I'll save that for another day. When I came back to the US, 
the arguments attracted me to Progressive Labor Party (gasp! apostasy!) which 
earlier had been influenced by the critique of "socialism" and "state 
capitalism" developed by the RSC(B), but had the effrontery to extend the analysis to 
former patrons-allies in Cuba and the CP-China about the time the latter 
revisionists were trying to decide which of the aspiring Maoist sects was deserving 
of the US franchise 10 years after it had lost its "market." I'm curious if 
anyone knows what effects this pamphlet had on the inter-party struggles in Cuba 
and China?

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