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>The subjective side of the revolutionary process by definition passes 
stages. The subjective side does not mean ideological Marxism, Stalinism, 
Trotskyism or the doctrinaire perspective of the ideologue. The subjective side 
of the revolutionary process refers to how the masses respond and begin to 
think things out as the material crisis that is the separation of the unity 
productive forces and production relations widen.  

I personally lived through what at the time was the greatest rebellion 
against the USNA State since the Civil War. I am referring to Detroit 1967. What was 
the subjective disposition of the combatants? 

The Civil War in America was a horribly bloody event with men marching to 
their graves singing, "and he died to make me holy let us die to make them free." 
Thousands of men sung of death and acknowledged the need for death and dying. 

Women shall fight men and the working class turns against itself and fights 
itself as the precondition for the formation of class consciousness. Class 
consciousness means political consciousness. 

There is a profound moral question involved in fighting to ones death and 
celebrating the death of ones enemy that cannot be explained on the basis of 
political ideology - not matter how Marxists. One must have the manliness to 
confront their enemy and win the battle for the streets. And when this means 
celebrating the death of ones enemy so what. 

Then again the bourgeois intellegencia is more democratic than the popular 
masses themselves who long again made it fairly clear concerning their attitude 
towards their enslavers and oppressors. 

Does the Iraqi masses rejoice in the death of their oppressors? Every 
individual death of an American solider is celebrated by the Iraqi masses because 
they want the Yankee to go home. These individual soldier do not set policy . . . 
but they are there in the Holy Lands carrying out the wishes of the 

It is not possible to overthrow a society or societal framework when you 
respect and uphold the society laws, the morality of the ruling class or refuse to 
rise to the level of your antagonists. 

The Los Angeles Rebellion of 1992 was contemptuous of anything smacking of 
bourgeois law and order or property relations and the men and women who respect 
and enforce such laws. Reagan was called Ronnie Ray-gun by many on the left. 
Who does not understand the symbol of ta ray gun as a horribly destructive 
weapon for the slaughter of millions. 

The real world taught the combatants in the streets of Los Angeles Rebellion 
of 1992 a heck of a lot more than the revolutionaries. The masses exploded in 
an orgy of violence seeking the death of their antagonists as a spontaneous 
impulse, whose catalyze was the Rodney King case. The ideology of combat - not 
political ideology, is always personal and alone sustains the combatants 
determined to fight to the death. 

Liberal section of the bourgeoisie and petty bourgeoisie always profess to be 
Holier than the Pope. 

We long ago learnt and understood the process of assimilating Marxism which 
creates a certain passivity amongst the intelligenica, that if not checked 
rapidly degenrates into cowardice. I shall never "understand" my oppression or the 
intractable social position enforced on me by real people whom I do not like 
or respect on any level. 

And I shall never turn the other cheek unless it is yours that is being 
turned with the butt of my gun or fists. 

"Been shot at?
Shot back
Keep a piece like a Buddas."

Jay Z.  

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