[Marxism] John Kerry: Statement on Reagan

Walter Lippmann walterlx at earthlink.net
Sun Jun 6 10:35:14 MDT 2004

(My comment: "Kerry's STATEMENT is one win for the gypper".)


Statement from Senator John Kerry 
on the Death of Ronald Reagan

June 05, 2004

For Immediate Release Boston, MA

Senator John Kerry released the following statement today:

"Ronald Reagan's love of country was infectious. Even when
he was breaking Democrats hearts, he did so with a smile
and in the spirit of honest and open debate. Despite the
disagreements, he lived by that noble ideal that at 5pm we
weren't Democrats or Republicans, we were Americans and
friends. President Reagan and Tip O'Neill fought hard and
honorably on many issues, and sat down together to happily
swap jokes and the stories of their lives. The differences
were real, but because of the way President Reagan led, he
taught us that there is a big difference between strong
beliefs and bitter partisanship.

"He was the voice of America in good times and in grief.
When we lost the brave astronauts in the Challenger
tragedy, he reminded us that, 'Nothing ends here; our hopes
and our journeys continue.'

"Now, his own journey has ended-a long and storied trip
that spanned most of the American century-and shaped one of
the greatest victories of freedom. Today in the face of new
challenges, his example reminds us that we must move
forward with optimism and resolve. He was our oldest
president, but he made America young again.

"Our prayers are with his family, and the wife he loved in
a way all the world could see. And to the end, she loved
him with courage and complete devotion. She helped all of
us better understand the cruel disease that took him away
before it took his life, and what we must do to prevent and
cure it.

"Teresa and I and our family extend our deepest sympathies
to Nancy Reagan and the Reagan family. Today, from
California to Maine - 'from sea to shining sea' - Americans
will bow their heads in prayer and gratitude that President
Reagan left such an indelible stamp on the nation he

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