[Marxism] Ronald Reagan's death

Jurriaan Bendien andromeda246 at hetnet.nl
Sun Jun 6 11:38:27 MDT 2004

I can understand where Melvin's sympathies lie, and he's entitled to his
opinion. Personally I demonstrated against Ronald Reagan's visit to Britain
in London on June 10, 1984, along with at least 100,000 others (including
Michael Foot and Susannah York), being totally opposed to the "Star Wars"
doctrine and his "Reaganomics" doctrine, which inspired the subsequent
"Rogernomics" policy of the NZ Labour Party. At that time, Roger Spiller
said specifically ''this is not an anti-American protest, but one opposing
Mr. Reagan's policies.''

I prefer to criticise what Reagan actually did (the policies), rather than
on his person, on the ideological bandwaggon he inspired and the
mythologisation of that. I guess it all depends on who you want to work
with - I personally don't want to work with people who engage in personal
attacks and character assassinations. That aside, as I said, Reagan is dead,
it's the living we've got to deal with. It's easy to criticise a dead
person, 'cause he can't talk back. It may just provide more arguments for
conservatives about "the infantile pathology of the Left" and suchlike. So
I'm siding with Louis on this one. Similarly I hope Pinochet gets indicted
before he is dead, not afterwards, and there is some possibility of that

Here's a clip from the archives:

SLOAN: Well, I think the most important part of [the Contragate] legacy has
to do with the fact that the Reagan administration engaged in a fundamental
lack of candor and indeed an outright deception with Congress and with the
American public.
VAN SUSTEREN: Some members of -- we can't say the whole administration --
some members of.
SLOAN: No, but I think you have to hold the administration accountable for
its members' actions. And I think on three very important public policy
issues -- the sale of arms to Iran and the trading of arms for hostages, the
provision of aid to Contras at a time when Congress had banned it, and use
of proceeds from the Iran arms sales to fund the Contras -- the
administration, members of the administration -- different members on
different questions -- did not level with the Congress and did not level
with the American public. They paid a price for it -- appropriately -- and
the lesson that we should take away from it is that if you have policy
disagreements, you level with Congress and the American people -- you don't
lie about it, you don't try to hide it. Source:

Where have we heard that before ? I think the real job of the American
comrades is to show the pattern in American foreign policy. If Melvin wants
to brief everybody on the intimate details of his sex life that's his
business, but that's not something I would do.


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