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I can understand where Melvin's sympathies lie, and he's entitled to his
opinion.  . . . I prefer to criticise what Reagan actually did (the 
policies), rather than
on his person, . 

I of course enjoy your comments and contributions. Pardon my unclarity but an 
opinion was not being expressed put the political facts of the Reagan 
ascendency from an old slave state and what in meant in real time politics in 

In American political history there is no such thing as the Jimmy Carter or 
Richard Nixon Revolution. No one speaks of the "Bill Clinton Revolution" 
although he carried thrrough the reform of "welfare as we know it." 

Ronald Ray gun is very different and captures a historical moment that 
changed an era in human history. The Reagan Presidency witnessed a transition in the 
form of the mode of sccumulation of finance capital and spelt the end of the 
last vestiages of independent national finance capital. 

When it is stated that Reagan was the response of 1965 Watts and the 
political seperation of the black workers from their bourgeoisie we are taking about a 
boundary in the evolution in the mode of accumulation of capital, and not 
abstract workers and capitalists. 

The ideological champion is on to convince the American people of the 
righteousness of Ronald Reagan as "The Great Communicator." 

Who did he communicate to? 

Reagan's role in history is larger than Geroge Bush Jr. for material reasons 
of the evolution of finance capital and the emergenmce of its specfulative 
sector to dominator of the world total social capital. 

Reaqgan was the person that inaugerated a new era in human history. He cannot 
be viewed as a Jimmy Carter, Richard Nixon, Gerald Ford, George Bush Senior 
or Bill Clinton. 

The Reagan Revolution was a revolution in the mode of accumulation. 

This is not a personal opinion but acknowledge by every sector of the "left" 
and "right" in the history of the American Union.  The attack against Reagan 
the man is not a personal attack but the attack against capital and 
acknowledgment of the quantitative boundary of the industrial system coming to an end. 

My sympathies lie with the oppressed and exploited classes and specifically 
the most impoverished section. 

One might as well tell the former Soviet people and millions slaughtered by 
Hitler's minion that they should look at class as an abstraction and not pray 
for the destruction of Hitler and him rotting in hell. 

Those unfamiliar with the actual living experience in America may have 
difficulty in understand Reagan's material role in history . . . a role that would 
have probably been worse if he had not begun an accelerated process of 
insanity, forcing Nancy to alter man of his polices and running into conflict with the 
Pentagon and the State department. 

It was Reagan who coined the concept of the Soviets as an "evil Empire." 
Every fundamental concept of the insurgent fascist movement in America was coined 
by the Reagan administration and given voice by Ronald Reagan personally. 

And a wage slave should not delight in the death of this mad man? 

Death only frieghtens the coward. It can be proven that we all die. 

Reagan personifies the transition from the last quantitative stage in the 
expansion of the industrial system to the passing over to a new technological 
regime and the most militant assault against the world working class in human 
history. The person Reagan rallied the most backward elements of American society 
as he was grooved as a fucking rat fink snitch ass bitch stool pigeon. 

I have of course described in detail his political significance from a 
Marxist stand point and the evolution of the social struggle in America. 

I am aware that this is Stalinism according to the cowardly ideolgoists, who 
refuse to call a spade a spade. 

The entire bourgeois class is rallying to the symbol and image of Ronald 
Reagan while the slaves of capital party and dance on his fucking grave. His 
legacy exceed anything the ideological cry babies and cowards point to in their 
descriptions of the Soviet Gulag.  

Ronald Reagan put forth a vision for American science to contract space 
stations armed with powerful weapons to kill the world's people for Christ sake and 
this program was dubbed "Star Wars." 

I have had enough of this conversation. 

Fuck the gipper and the boat he road in on. 

Melvin P. 

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