[Marxism] Ronald Reagan's death

Carrol Cox cbcox at ilstu.edu
Sun Jun 6 14:48:21 MDT 2004

Mike Friedman wrote:
> But, cut the pious, condescending and --
> frankly -- passionless crap. Reagan was a hateful bourgeois leader with the
> power and the will to inflict death and suffering on working people in

Dylan's "Masters of War" had a line something like "I'll stomp [w?] on
their grave til I'm sure that they're dead." No disagreement. But the
point about Reagan is that he's been dead (a vegetable) for quite a few
years, so it's sort of an anticlimax.

And the dead don't know they're dead, so where's the triumph. Now if
tomorrow's headlines were that Carter or Albright had been arrested for
sexual abuse of a minor, THAT would be something! :-)


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