[Marxism] Jorge Martin (Woods tendency) and Hugo Chavez

Fred Feldman ffeldman at bellatlantic.net
Sun Jun 6 18:59:29 MDT 2004

Michael Lebowitz is confused about what I was trying to express, because
I expressed this in an obscure and confused  way.  What concerned me was
not the distribution of the Martin article by solidarity groups per se.
As I stated, I am for the distribution of the Martin article and all
other significant news and opinion -- good, bad, or middling -- about

It is a fact, however,  that solidarity groups in the United States,
which should be organized on a broad and inclusive basis, are being
organized to campaign, in some instances, in opposition to the
referendum.  They are distributing petitions etc.  I  know that the
Woods group is a sponsor of some of the solidarity groups, which is a
good thing, and I hope it is not making opposition to the referendum the
axis of the SOLIDARITY MOVEMENT'S  defence of the Venezuelan revolution
in the United States, Europe, etc.    

That would be a sectarian misuse of the solidarity with Venezuela that
is growing in other countries. This movement should concentrate on the
defense of Venezuela and the Venezuelan government against imperialism,
and educating people in the imperialist countries about the
revolutionary process and its achievements.

I  hope the Woods group is not involved in this sectarian activity, or,
if it is, that it will reconsider making this the political axis of
Venezuela solidarity.
Perhaps it is utopian to urge that the Woods group carry out its
solidarity work (as distinct from its political analysis) on Venezuela
on a more or less nonsectarian basis.  But such things have been known
to happen (the Fair Play for Cuba committees in the early years of the
Cuban revolution were often an example) and I think this is to be
strongly encouraged.
Fred Feldman 

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