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Macdonald Stainsby mstainsby at resist.ca
Sun Jun 6 19:07:43 MDT 2004

Many North American people now retire, sell their homes to buy RV's and
then live moving from one Walmart to another on their life savings. Ricky's
restaurants are now trying to corner the market on restaurants that operate
in the vicinity of the RV market/sub-culture that Walmart has so carefully

Yes, it is this disturbing. Last year, while working at a lodge that was in
the middle of the expansive BC Northern Rockies, I heard a couple say they
were happy they could now go to Yellowknife, (the capital of the North West
  Territories and at least 12-15 hours drive from where we were, and not in
a straight line at all) because Yellowknife had opened up a new Walmart.
People in Whitehorse, Yukon will not have to watch this documentary as
their city has been plagued right downtown with a large Walmart; citizens
groups are constantly petitioning to have the RV's expelled all together--
after months if not years of complaints Walmart "compromised" and now has
earmarked half of the parking lot for non-campers.

People will order ahead from Walmart to another, be met by Walmart staff at
the next one in order to "make traveling a more enjoyable and worry free time".

As I wrote about a year ago, we could make a point of doing "tent-ins"
against Walmart and their labour practices as well as their carrying of the
most environmentally and socially inrresponsible consumables of all
varieties. As it is, they are considered the worst single employer in North
America. Fitting for people who drive, all the time, across North America
but never leave their vehicles and parking lots.

If RV's can park and camp, so too must tents...


Macdonald Stainsby
In the contradiction lies the hope

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