[Marxism] Who initiated F15 international day of action?

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> As a historical matter, does anybody know who initiated the call for an
> International Day of Action against the Iraq War? I'm speaking of the
> massive worldwide protests on Feb. 15, 2003.

Well, this is what I found with a Google search:

"Statement of the meeting to coordinate European wide action against war on

As agreed at the assembly of the social movements in Florence in November,
activists from 11 European countries, the USA and the Philippines have come
together in Copenhagen to coordinate European wide action against war on

We endorse the anti war call launched at the assembly in Florence. We
believe that a war on Iraq, with or without UN support, would be a disaster
for the people of the Middle East and beyond.

It is clear there is majority opposition to war in almost every country in
Europe and across the world. That is why this war cannot be fought in our
name. This is also why we believe it is vital to build the broadest possible
anti war alliances everywhere around the demand No War on Iraq.

Our meeting showed that the movement against the war is gaining strength.
All the countries represented have called action on the 15 February.

We reinforce the decision to protest in every country immediately war
starts, to hold national protests the following Saturday and to organise
coordinated mass national demonstrations in capital cities on February 15.

To this end we have decided to continue our coordination at a European
level, to set up a European wide anti war website, and to have a common
banner on each of our demonstrations demanding No War on Iraq. We are
committed to spreading anti war coordination both inside and beyond Europe,
and to holding another enlarged meeting after the February 15 demo. We will
continue to campaign until this war is stopped.

We urge the movements in countries not represented at our meeting to join in
our initiatives.

We urge every organisation that opposes this war to work for a massive
mobilisation on February 15. Together we can stop the war.

Copenhagen, December 15th 2002."


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