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Vote for Equality
A Voter Education and Awareness Campaign for Equality Rights in Canada ...
With links to Union, Civil/Human Rights, GBLT, Womens, Disabled, CFS, etc.
election campaign web sites. All in one place.

Our aim is to move a critical national problem of inequality onto the front
burner of Canadian politics & public discourse - within the time frame of
the 2004 election & beyond ... 

This site was created to share the knowledge, develop the tools, & build
the momentum for a sustained campaign of popular education & grass-roots


Voting is the most important way to make your voice heard on the issues
that concern you. Decisions are made on your behalf every day, ranging from
what is happening in local schools and what recreational facilities you
have, to national issues like healthcare and education, to global issues
like defence and the environment.

In many countries around the world, including Canada, people have fought to
gain the right to vote. The right of women to vote was obtained after 50
years of struggle. But having the right to vote is not enough. A strong and
stable democracy also relies on people using their votes. By voting, you
can hold your elected representatives accountable.

Voting is central to the way in which our democracy works. Yet the federal
election in 2000 had the lowest turnout in 75 years. In Ontario, the 2003
election had one of the lowest rates of any province with just under 57% of
eligible voters. "And turnout is often worse amongst people who are poor,
disadvantaged, and marginalized" (Community Legal Education Ontario).

There has been much talk about "voter apathy". But we believe that the
reasons for low rates of participation in elections are more complicated
than this. Research shows that people do not vote for a number of reasons -
including lack of information, distrust of politicians and inconvenience.

Make Your Vote Count! 

By voting, you participate in a process that determines who will represent
you, your family, and your neighbours in your community, your province or
territory, and your country. 

This site was created to provide information on the Issues that matter most
to our visitors. 

Make Your Vote Count! 

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