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William A Pelz iwch at juno.com
Mon Jun 7 08:52:10 MDT 2004

A Better World’s in Birth?
Struggles against Globalization

Panels on Iraq, Cuba 
Colombia, Iran, Phillippines, 
Haiti, India, Brazil, Palestine, Africa, 
Mexico, Nicaragua, Venezuela and more

International Conference
DePaul University - 2320 N. Kenmore
August 5-8, 2004 Chicago

Sponsors: DePaul University - International Studies Program, 
Research Institute of Comparative History & Culture (Seoul, Korea), 
Spectre Magazine (Belgium), Institute of Working Class History
Invited International Speakers include (list in formation): 
Penelope DUGGAN, International Viewpoint (Paris), Boris KAGARLITSKY, 
Institute of Globalization (Moscow), Jie-Hyun LIM, Historian, 
Hanyang University (Korea), Jean-Pierre PAGE, Trade Unionist (Paris), 
Ronald VAN RAAK, Socialist Party member of the Dutch Senate (Amsterdam).
(postmarked by July 15th)
$25.00 (regular), $15.00 Low Income, , DePaul Faculty, Staff & Students:
mail check payable to iwch to: 
International Conference, P.O. Box 57-8398, Chicago, IL. 60657-8398
e-mail: international.conference at juno.com

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