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DHE cuibono at rcip.com
Mon Jun 7 11:32:26 MDT 2004

"The law of value is totally misunderstand": I don't want to jump to conclusions, maybe the content of Melvin P.'s post was profound & valuable. But I'm a busy fella these days; whenever I see somebody conclude with a sentence that is ungrammatical to the pt of incoherence, I don't bother to read farther. 

I don't mean to "be negative", but maybe a little more attention to grammar & usage would pay off via more reader attention to the content? 

Or is there something here I don't -- as a list "newbie" -- quite understand? Some in-group joke or jargon? I've noticed stuff like this before a few times; seems a little mysterious. ??

While I've got an email open, let me provide a quick update on the demonstration in SF Saturday. There was a sizable contingent of counterdemonstrators, about 250/300 I'd guess, waving a forest of State of Israel flags. Gay rights was a prominent theme of many of their signs. "Terrorism vs Democracy" was probably the most prominent theme, in various guises.

The turnout for the "real" demo was about 8,000. The police put it at  5K. 

At one pt, there was a lot of interaction going on between the two groups of demonstrators, fairly civil at first but after an hour or so things began to get tense. A handful of black-clads with "cattle-rustler" black scarves hiding their faces showed up on our side & pushed to the front.  But at that pt San Francisco's Finest formed a line separating the two groups and calm was restored. 

The march went off smoothly. People were happy to be going downhill toward the Bay instead of uphill toward the Civic Ctr, also with the shortened route. The one jarring note, as always, was the inability of the bands & drummers to grasp the concept of why armies feature bands & drum corps: to play a beat at a tempo that matches the natural pace at which people walk , so as to take the work out of marching, make it fun, like dancing. What these musicians seem to have in mind an Ohio State football halftime show. 

IMHO there was little fresh in any of the speeches, so I mostly concentrate on the drum "circle" (actually a line, a "second line" behind the line confronting the "Zionazis"). The drumming also was pretty bad (except for yrs trly of course:).

Brighter spots in the afternoon: I kept running into Elias, three chance encounters in the crowd; and I bumped into some kids giving away the PLP paper, Challenge/DeSafio -- which gave me a start & a nostalgia hit: I spent some time selling that very product myself, almost exactly forty years ago!

Interesting to hear of Milt Rosen, Fred Jerome Jr, Jake Rosen -- names I hadn't heard in decades. John Ross of course passed through the Bay Area last year, sponsored by ISM!

Okay, break's over -- back to work!

Dan E.

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