[Marxism] Colin Powell's "guns and butter" theory about Soviet collapse

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> What Reagan knew was that it couldn't survive. Either with glasnost or 
> perestroika, communism had to come to an end, and it did. And he knew it.
among the many msytifications, witting and non-, in Powell's "analysis" of 
the collapse of the USSR, we are left to ask:"how did Reagan 'know'?"  

I'm reminded of the old joke about three drunks on the park bench debating 
what was the greatest invention ever: "The airplane," says One confidently. "You 
get in, it takes you up, and whoosh --- you come down far, far way. Amazing!" 

"No,no, no," opines the Second, equally certain. "The television: You just 
sit down, turn it on and you can go  so far without ever getting off your 
recliner! Effortless."

"You fools don't know a damn thing," says the Third."The greatest invention 
in the history of the world gotta be the thermos bottle." The two colleagues 
were flummoxed. "And what's so great aout the damned thermos?" 

"Well," explained the Third savant, "you just pour something in. And when 
it's cold outside, it stays hot. But if it's hot outside, it stays cold!"

The other two stared at him slack-jawed until One asked. "So what's so great 
about that?"

"If you're so smart answer me this," the Third genius suggested:"How does it 

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