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But I knew an attack on poor people when I heard it. 
That night he, and capitalism, made an enemy for life.

I remember the humiliation my parents felt at the time, 
forced to grovel every few months to keep the meager 
government assistance coming so my brothers and I could 
eat. I remember what happened a few years later, when 
then-governor and now Bush cabinet member Tommy Thompson, 
following Reagan's lead, eliminated assistance for 
thousands of poor families. I remember how that winter we 
had to eat raccoon carcasses meant for dog food because 
there was nothing else.


I was deeply moved by your narrative of capital and family life . . . and 
brought to tears . . . man.

My life was very different. Second generation industrial worker, whose father 
became a skilled worker for Ford, making the really big money. We wore the 
best clothes to school and in fact changed into our "street clothes" everyday 
when returning from school. I remember my dad taking me to "Robert Hall" to 
periodically get a new suit, because mother wanted all of us to look good in 

 am fucking crying at the keyboard. 

Everyone around us had nothing . . . including a Dad. This caused serious 
problems because all the women would come to our home "for something." 

Dad was an electrician so he built our stereo before they hit the mass 
market. We had the only "good record player" in the city and everyone all the time 
was in our home. The only "personal" life I have ever had, has been in the last 
30 days when I picked up my wife from Detroit and moved to Texas. 

Dad was involved in the union and if memory serves me correct took me to my 
first union meeting around the age of 10. All I remember is how big my father's 
hands were . . . he was like a giant and angry men with loud voices and 
determination were everywhere at Local 600 - Ford Rouge. I remember that at every 
union meeting particles of dust and dirt would be on my face and it would be 
hard to breath. When I would run to the bathroom to blow my nose dirt would come 
out and I would ask father "what is happening." 

"These mutherfuckers are trying to kill us. Blow your nose boy and stop 

I became a communist and a union official and everyone in my family and 
extended family became "something." My older brother is an International 
Representative of the UAW and meaner than I will ever be. My mother's sister was the 
Financial Secretary at the old Budd Wheel Local in Detroit and sister is a 
freaking Minister and everyone else a leader in their respective areas. 

I vowed long ago that I would fight the bourgeoisie to my death. This had 
nothing to do with the pay in my weekly envelop. I became a communist because 
"these mutherfuckers are wrong." 

I became a Marxist much later. 

Your communism comes from the lowest strata of the working class and I have 
never betrayal the aspiration of the most impoverished section of the working 
class. Here is the basis of every single theoretical disagreement that parades 
itself as philosophy. 

I spit on Reagan's grave  . . . without second thought. 

Melvin P. 

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