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Mon Jun 7 16:04:15 MDT 2004

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JCraven at clark.edu writes:

Melvin wrote:

"You shouldn't speak ill of the dead."

Response Jim C: What kind of petit-bourgeois bullshit is this? Is this
some kind of "axiom" of "polite society" and liberalism?


Do not do this Mr. Jim C. Please. Quote where I wrote the above. 

Comrade Jim . . . we do not engage one another. 

I humble myself and ask you to produce what you claim I have written. 

You choose to slander me and that is all right. I understand you disagree 
with my political stance and outlook and this is OK. 

Where in the last three years have I ever written 

"You shouldn't speak ill of the dead."

Or anything closely resembling this? 

Of course you can join in and call this the Stalinist falsification of 

Be man enough - have enough manliness to be forthright, to produce the quote 
that you state I made. 

Therefore I challenge you to the 30 day fast and the Sun dance on any 
condition you deem appropriate . . . under any setting and conditions at any time you 
deem appropriate.  

You have gone to far. 

Let us put to the test ones character and not descent into the level of the 

I also extend this challenge to anyone and everyone on Marxmail. 


Melvin P. 

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