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Louis Proyect lnp3 at panix.com
Mon Jun 7 16:15:03 MDT 2004

loupaulsen at comcast.net wrote:
"Which is to say that Nader is going to be running on large planks of 
Ross Perot's platform!"

Lou, anybody who read Pat Buchanan's interview with Nader would come 
away with exactly the opposite conclusion.

Nader says, "The other thing is that we are supporting the Israeli 
military regime with billions of dollars and ignoring both the Israeli 
peace movement, which is very substantial, and the Palestinian peace 

But Perot is on record as saying, "Since its founding as a nation, 
Israel has been our staunchest ally in the region. Our support for an 
Israel secure from external threat goes beyond the noble sentiment of 
friendship. Israel is of strategic importance to the United States."

This, as Noam Chomsky would say, is not a trivial difference.

On the question of whether immigrants should be entitled to 
social-welfare benefits, even though, in Buchanan's words, "they are not 
citizens and broke into the country?"

Nader replies, "I think they should be given all the fair-labor 
standards and all the rights and benefits of American workers, and if 
this country doesn’t like that, maybe they will do something about the 
immigration laws."

This is distinctly at odds with the movement that Perot launched. Nader 
also defended their right to have driver's licenses--an issue that 
Camejo was identified with in the recall election in California.

It really doesn't matter who Nader speaks with, nor does it matter that 
he never once speaks about socialism. Nor does it even matter that his 
position on Iraq is less than perfect. He is swimming against the stream 
of the two-party assault on the American working class and oppressed 
peoples everywhere. I invite comrades to look at his website and find 
out for yourselves.


Nader For President 2004
P.O. Box 18002 - Washington, DC 20036 - www.VoteNader.org
FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE 	For Further Information:
Friday, June 4, 2004 	Kevin Zeese 202-265-4000

Poverty Grows As Bush Inc. Cuts Support for Needy Children
Nader Puts Forward Program to End Poverty
June 4, 2004

Washington, DC: On National Hunger Awareness Day, in a speech before the 
National Press Club, Independent Presidential candidate Ralph Nader 
urged a call to action to end poverty in America. “This is the 
wealthiest country in the world, we can put an end to poverty,” said 
Nader. “It is a scar on our conscience that over the last decade poverty 
has been increasing rather than decreasing.”

The Department of Agriculture estimates that 34.9 million Americans, 
including 13 million children experience food insecurity – the lack of 
consistent access to enough food to ensure active, healthy living. 
Overall, households with children reported food insecurity at more than 
double the rate of households without children – 16.5 percent versus 8.1 
percent. Forty-seven percent of single mother households faced food 

“Too many Americans work for less than a living wage – 47 million full 
time workers earn less than $10 per hour – at the same time the holes in 
the social safety net are growing,” said Nader. “The self-styled 
compassionate conservative, President Bush has proposed deep cuts in 
future budgets. For example, the Women, Infants and Children (WIC) 
Special Supplemental Food Program will be cut $122 million in 2006 – 
that equals benefits for 20,000 children per year.”

The Nader Campaign has put forward a program to make ending poverty a 
priority and weaving that goal into a network of policies:

     * Truly progressive taxation and repeal of Bush’s tax cuts for the 
wealthy An end to huge corporate subsidies and military budget waste 
which frees revenues
     * Job creation through public works programs throughout the 
country. (See American Society of Civil Engineers description of needs.)
     * Equal pay for women
     * Universal health care
     * Child-care
     * Living wages for all workers
     * Restore the critical social safety net

Nader highlighted a report released today by the Children’s Defense 
Fund, “13 Million Children Face Food Insecurity,” 

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