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JCraven at clark.edu writes:

>I merely took part of a post written in reponse to Melvin and the
phrases Melvin wrote...were not written by me and I do apologize if this
was a mischaracterization of what he wrote that I picked up (mistakenly)
from someone else. But I stand by the notion that we should speak the
truth--about the dead or living.<

Jim C.


The Challenge stands. You have offended me and my family for the last time. 

I challenge you to the fast and spiritual quest. 

On any terms you choose at any time under any conditions. 

I merely ask for thirty days notification. 

I have a personal interest in the fast to determine in the flesh ones purity. 

Fuck some theoretical Marxism and lets get down to the real. 

I do not accept your apology on the basis of bourgeois morality. 

I call you a liar on me  . . . and demand correction in the flesh, under any 
conditions you choose and deem appropriate. 

Melvin P. 

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