[Marxism] Re: [PEN-L] The Jesus Factor

Craven, Jim JCraven at clark.edu
Mon Jun 7 18:39:08 MDT 2004


Another way to regard Bush's stated views on faith are that he is, in
fact, a not-very bright, but manipulative politician whose career has
always involved reassuring the Bible Belt, even as he and his oily
buddies are engaged in some very material reshaping of the nation.  In
other words, I doubt the Jesus factor is quite so large a consideration
as it's been presented. 

Mark L.

Response Jim C: I do agree with this completely. For example, supposedly
after Bush's "conversion" he ran into Al Hunt, from the Wall Street
Journal, who had written something about him he didn't like and while
Hunt was sitting with his wife and kid in a public restaurant, Bush
called him a "fucking son of a bitch" and told him he "would get him."

But really, what better--or alternative--way to get rid of a whole life
of useless narcissism, pampered preppy punk behavior, a cocaine
convinction in 1972--while on flight status with the Texas Air
Guard--etc etc and wipe out a whole history that would be deleterious to
a newly found political career than being "born again"?. Since I have
been "born again", and redemption is possible, something we all seek and
need, then whatever I did before being born again--revealing what kind
of arrogant and snotty and dumb preppy punk I truly am--is no longer
"relevant" or part of an "irrelevent past"--we all have a past. Plus,
with Calvinism, you have a ready-made theology for the rich (you didn't
get rich fucking over people or by being born with a silver spoon in
your mouth (or up your nose) or selling nazi securities during World War
II, no you got rich because you were ordained to be rich and being rich
is tautologically "proof" of having been ordained to be rich. Same with
the election: Bush is on record in several different venues saying we
got the office because of God's will and the proof is in the election
results themselves--he should have lost given the popular vote but god
works in mysterious ways (through a rotten Supreme Court) and the fact
that he is the president is "proof" he was ordained by God for the

No, Bush is not religious or spiritual--not even close. He is an
opportunist who latched on to Calvinism for the same reason Calvin
invented Calvinism--as an apology for capitalism, the rich, social
darwinism, the "chosen/elect" etc.

Jim C

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