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>[Marxism] Charlie Haden? Creeping Senility Strikes:
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>Senor Lebowitz: You must be pretty hip -- I wonder how many of today's 
>radical generation have ever heard the Liberation Orchestra.

No, you blew me away with all that jazz, dan. My real claim to fame is that 
I hung at the 5-spot listening to monk in '59 and never knew who the horn 
player was. Yes, folks should definitely check out the LMO, which dates 
back to the late 60s but which was put back together a few years back for a 
Montreal Jazzfest concert when they were spotlighting Haden. Sitting in my 
laptop is their Ballad of the Fallen (from 1982)-- a really powerful album 
with a memorable 'The People United'--- as well as "DreamKeeper" (from 
1990) which has a great 'Nkosi Sikele'li Afrika'--- with Dewey Redman 
wailing away (which I burned for Trevor Ngwane when we connected at the 
Marx Conference in Havana last month? In fact, though, I mainly introduced 
Trevor to Matthew Shipp-- who Tony Smith turned me on to a few years back 
at another conference. You don't think we go to these things to talk about 
CAPITAL, do you?)
         Unfortunately, I've found Haden pretty boring the last few times 
I've seen him. In contrast, I definitely won't pass up the Wm Parker 
Quartet (with Hamid Drake) at the upcoming Vancouver Jazz Fest (which 
happens to coincide with one of my visits, heh heh)--- among other 
highlights. Check it out if you are still on the westcoast. And check out 
Parker's 'Little Huey' orchestra and the quintet for "raining on the moon' 
for the combination of great, driving music and left politics.
ps. don't remember a chas fambro theme for malcolm. there was a Archie 
Shepp piece by that name.

>I used to catch Charlie Haden around SF when he just got out of Synanon. 
>What a player. Endless invention.
>One night he, Donald "Rafael" Garret and Bill Nuckols were all on the 
>stand at the Both-And: Mr. Outside; Mr. Farther Outside; plus "Oatmeal".
>Bill always claimed not to know C from G, but all the good bassplayers 
>just loved him. Some people thought he had a good ear, but that wasn't it: 
>he played kinetically, like a drummer. He just let The Force put his 
>finger where it needed to be:)
>Drew strange pitchers, too: once on a long bus trip he was killing time 
>sketching, middle of Durango somewhere. Then this dude comes up behind, 
>looks over his shoulder for a while. All of a sudden starts cussing a blue 
>streak en Espanol, pulls a gun & kicks him off the bus in the middle of 
>nowhere, middle of the night. Seems something Bill drew struck this fella 
>as disrespectful of La Virgen or something:)
>Dewey Redman used to come & sit in at the Coffee Gallery.  Norman Wms was 
>the chingon in those days, early sixties. Farrell "Little Rock" Sanders 
>was this kid who couldn't really play, didn't know the tunes, no chops 
>except could play high & do circular breathing -- but could play creative 
>Outside before most people had any idea.
>Eventually it was Dewey  who turned out to be a great genius -- then got 
>upstaged by his long lost kid!
>  But you put me on a trip: I have a Charles Fambro album somewhere (but 
> can't find it) with this tune "Theme for Malcolm"? I think Steve Lacy is 
> the soprano player but not sure. My memory is starting to have these 
> holes in it.
>It's a unique structure: everything (except the "bridge" part) is over 3-2 
>clave, but you can't put palito on top cuz it clashes. It's all in seven 
>bar phrases, (ever heard the old bebop joke: 7 X 7 = four bars, plus one 
>for the bartender?) which I never heard in a jazz tune before except once: 
>Horace's "Quicksilver" -- you know, the one that starts like "Ray's Idea" 
>& then turns left? (A-B seven-seven, repeat, four bar bridge, then a 
>sixteen bar vamp?)
>I can't remember the name of the album either. Chas Fambro, "The... 
>...er". It's driving me nuts, HELP!!!
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