[Marxism] Queering Palestinian Solidarity Activism

Gary MacLennan g.maclennan at qut.edu.au
Mon Jun 7 22:07:41 MDT 2004

I am sorry that Tatchell has taken this direction.  I had a higher opinion 
of him than that.  But Lou is correct in his criticism. There is a curious 
parallel btw.  The right wing Israelis defend gay parades because they want 
to appear more liberal.  Just so in the 1940s did the CIA defend and 
subsidize abstract expressionism to show that America was more liberal than 
Russia with their Socialist Realist dogma.

But there is behind all this though is a serious shortfall in Islamic 
radicalism.  It does not represent a truly liberatory moment.  I defend the 
radicals of course in their struggle against American imperialism.  I wish 
them victory, but I am mindful of the torture of communists in Khomeini's 
Iran and I have no doubts whatsoever about what the fate of gays would be 
under an Islamic regime.

BTW Tatchell was once close to the Communist Party of Australia was he not?



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