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  ueber  [Marxism] Thoughts on Ronald Reagan

DW> Greg, obviously in terms of "left" politics, Nader has shot himself
DW> in the foot, or at least a toe. I have no problem with a left
DW> personality being interviewed by Pat Buchanan. But he made statements
DW> in there, on immigration, on Iraq, etc that clearly are appealing to
DW> the right and those around Buchanan, et al.

   I recommend comrades to go back and re-read the transscript of the  
common appearance of Nader and Pat Buchanan in a Time.com forum on 28  
november 1999. It might still be available on www.time.com

   File name part of the URL might include this:


   I still have a copy of it on my disk in case anybody wants it.

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