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> Apologies for the double negative...what I meant was that "One of the
> problems with a 'new party' goal is that nobody (not Nader, certainly
> not the Left groups) really have any concrete plans as to how this might
> be done in the United States.  In fact, political parties here are
> almost always organized from the top down."
> There...see I can send emails without typos....
> ML

On the other hand, when the new party is organized 'broadly' .... then it
finds itself being carried back toward the Democrats by its base, as with,
for example, the Labor Party, founded in Cleveland in 1996, which was as big
a topic of discussion among the left back then as Nader is now.  I started
wondering today if it still existed.  Apparently it does, still pursuing a
"Fabian Labor" strategy (at some time in the future, when the groundwork is
laid, we will run for office): http://www.thelaborparty.org/a_NO2.html

Lou Paulsen

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