[Marxism] John Kerry as heir to Bush the elder

Walter Lippmann walterlx at earthlink.net
Tue Jun 8 10:51:35 MDT 2004

Saul Landau differentiates between fascism and old-fashioned 
imperialism in an essay which concludes with these paragraphs:

Kerry kissed the butt of the Miami Mafia by claiming Bush
has been soft on Castro and sought additional right wing
Latino votes in Florida by tossing an ignorant barb at
Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez.

In the 1960 campaign, another JFK charged Richard Nixon
with being soft on Castro. Kennedy knew that Nixon could
not answer because he was the man in charge of the covert
Bay of Pigs operation designed to overthrow Castro by force
and violence. Thus, he pretended to get to the right of
Nixon, who wrote in his memoirs that at that moment he knew
Kennedy had made a serious inroad: he had gotten to the
right of Nixon and posed as strong while portraying Nixon
as weak.

This strategy may work for Kerry, but it discourages people
who would work hard to register others.

Yes, I rationalize, if elected, Kerry will appoint better
judges and heads of agencies. His attorney general's
policies will probably be an improvement on those of John
Ashcroft and women will not worry about losing their
reproductive rights.

I will vote for Kerry, try not to throw up as I leave the
voting booth, and remember: if God had really intended us
to take voting seriously he would have given us better

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