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 Great Sadness Concernig Death Of Reagan

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It is with great sadness that I learned of president Ronald
Reagan's death; sadness that the man had never been brought
to trial for his crimes against the people of Central

In the 1980's Ronald Reagan's government sponsored (ie.
paid for and directed) the contras in Nicaragua. Their
policy was systematic terror; kidnapping and torture of
health workers, school teachers, and religious workers as
well as the bombing of clinics, schools, and public
transportation. These acts of terrorism were documented
extensively by various sources, including journalists and
human-rights groups. I personally was a witness to contra
attacks on a civilian ambulance and a farming cooperative
while working in northern Nicaragua.

Reagan also gave his support to the Guatemalan military as
it slaughtered 200,000 of its own citizens during the same
decade. The death squads of El Salvador flourished and
70.000 of its citizens were exterminated while Reagan
supplied the Salvadoran government with 1 million dollars a
day in aid.

While this 'sunny optimist ' and ' american hero' smiled
for the cameras, thousands lived lives of unimaginable
horror . Few can match his legacy of misery and death.

Yours Truly,

Timothy Bood M.D.
Halifax, Canada

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Dalhousie University
Halifax, Canada
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