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Further, this question of the subjective factor of real people as they 
interact in their social relations drives everyone up the wall but people and the 
multiplicity of interactions are presupposed as the basis of discourse. 

The mode of production or the material power of production is a "people 
thing." That is to say that every tool and machine on earth has as its subjective 
expression the human body. I write in opposition to the standpoint of the 
material forms of mediation because the working class in America does not know what 
we are talking about and the New American proletariat barely reads. 

Our hands are full in the American Union

>They were definitely "socialist" in the sense of aspiring towards a more
egalitarian allocation of resources, but at the same time it would be wrong
to say (as Makoto Itoh has noted in his book Political Economy of Socialism)
that there is only one kind of socialism possible - Marx and Lenin
themselves were fully aware of this, i.e. the fact that the unresolved
social question and gradual erosion of bourgeois society generates a wide
variety of different socialist ideologies and practices, some more militant
than others (cf. e.g. Hal Draper, Karl Marx's Theory of Revolution Vol. 4:
The Critique of Other Socialisms). But whether this view is correct or not
isn't so important, what is much more important is the questions (a), (b)
and (c) I mentioned above.<

Well . . . the issue of property relations (bourgeois property that is within 
the mode of production) as the material framework of how capital is invested 
as reproduction on the basis of individual industrial initiative in 
competition with other individual initiatives is a serious question. 

I do not look lightly at the Gulag and have no desire whatsoever to live 
under a police state. But the essence of the question of property cannot be 
eclipsed by political democracy in exposition . . . according to my political 

Socialism is not in quotes in my writings about the USSR and this merely 
indicates what happened. 

I absolutely agree with the assertion concerning the transitional nature of 
Soviet society. 

Shit happens.

I have done a metabolic unraveling of "shit" and take sides in a real fight.

I was in several bar room brawls where fighting broke out over a question no 
one remembers. The freaking guy I rode to the bar with hit me in the back of 
my head with a chair in the heat of passion.

 I asked, "What the fuck did you do that for," as he is taking me to the 
hospital to get stitches in the back of the head. 

He said, "Man I did not know that was you."   

We laughed our asses off all the way to the hospital.  

Melvin P. 

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