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The Ronald Reagan Show: Crocodile Tears and Nostalgia for Bygone Better Bipartisan Times

Ronald Reagan is dead after having disappeared for a decade from public view. The resulting media frenzy – fueled by the Bush government, Republicans and big corporations with enthusiastic support from Democratic politicians – is trying once again to convince us that history is not about the relationship of classes and which class holds state power, but about the work of enlightened and brilliant men.





Debunking Reagan's Myth:

* Rating Reagan: A Bogus Legacy

By Robert Parry

* Saint Ronnie 

By Pepe Escobar

* Interview with Noam Chomsky on Reagan's Legacy

Bush Has Ressurected "The Most Extremist, Arrogant, Violent and Dangerous Elements" of Reagan's White House 

by Amy Goodman

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Camejo: Greens do not Sign Loyalty Oaths

A new concept never seen before in the Green Party, to my knowledge, has appeared for the Nominating Convention. A new rule requiring that a delegate before they can participate in the convention must sign a loyalty oath to the "Presidential Candidates nominated by the Convention".




White House Disarray: Why is Bush still in power, directing the affairs of the Empire?

”The finest plans are always ruined by the littleness of those who ought to carry them out, for the Emperors can actually do nothing” – Bertolt Brecht

By Sebastian Robles

There is heated electoral rhetoric and fireworks between Democrats and Republicans nowadays. It is no more than logical, as both parties would like, come November, to put a tenant in the White House and control Congress to serve their big donors. Behind the rhetoric, however, is little substance.

George W. Bush is still competitive for the job (and still the President, avoiding impeachment) because of the truce declared by the Democrats above and beyond the call of duty of any legitimate opposition.




Green National Convention: A choice of Nader - Camejo formula or Surrender to the Democrats

By Carlos Petroni

The Green Party of the US is having its National Convention in Milwaukee on June 24-27. The Party is at a crossroads. Their delegates at the convention will have to decide whether to jump into the abysm of Lesser Evil Kerry or stand up on its own two feet and fight the duopoly of power by supporting the formula, Ralph Nader-Peter Camejo.

The fundamental task of the antiwar, Labor, anti-racist and youth movement is to break free – in significant numbers – from the two-party system of the Empire. Pressured by an unrelenting media hostile to left politics and surrounded by a milieu of local and national Democratic Party activists who threaten them with isolation and scorn, the Greens are hesitant.

More than few are willing to capitulate.

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Lucrecia Bermudez: Why I'm running for Supervisor in District 9 

End the City government from PG&E, for Lennar and by the GAP

For a City government from, for and by working families and the people

"The fundamental reason for my run is that I think we need to continue the movement we helped to begin during the historic Matt Gonzalez for Mayor campaign. The incumbent and the other candidates do not share my conviction about the central importance of organizing the progressive movement" -- Lucrecia Bermúdez




Iraqi Unions file complaint against the Occupation Forces and their Iraqi Governing Council for anti-labor practices

"Hundreds of thousands of workers in Iraq are currently unemployed (70% of the workforce according to recent survey), and there is widespread fear that their economic well-being has been taken out of their control and in fact depends on the occupying forces."

"In the current situation, Iraqi workers fear that the decisions made by the occupying forces, particularly in the economic field with privatization, would continue the plundering of the Iraqi resources by the multinational corporations."




Green Party membership rejects Early Endorsements for candidates in D5 and D9, defeating proposals by the "leadership"

By Gina Alvarez

The San Francisco Green Party is a strange political animal.

On one side it has produced stunning campaigns of candidates who flashed apparently out of nowhere to win offices, increasing the prestige and standing of the party. In spite of having only 3% registration in the City, the number of voters who identify with the party is probably closer to 20% with potential supporters at even a higher percentage.




>From Democrat to Green in San Francisco: Why Local 2 endorsed Gonzalez last time around

Union Switches Mayoral Endorsement to Third-Party Candidate

by N. Renuka Uthappa 

June 2004

Unions are not known for their support of third-party candidates, especially when there’s also a Democrat in the race, but Hotel and Restaurant Employees (HERE) Local 2 endorsed Green Party candidate Matt Gonzalez in San Francisco’s 2003 mayoral election. Gonzalez nearly won that election, garnering 47 percent of the vote against Democrat Gavin Newsom.




How Bush and the US lost the War and Occupation of Iraq

The US already has lost the War and Occupation of Iraq. Why are Bush, Democrats and Republicans, continuing to press ahead?

By Carlos Petroni

Let’s face it, George W. Bush and the US have already lost the war and occupation of Iraq. The only thing remaining is to find out how many more people, both Iraqis and US soldiers, will need to die before the US Armed Forces are chased out of Iraq for good and the Bush administration - along with their Democratic and Republican supporters in Congress - admit their failure.



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