[Marxism] what is Antiwar.com?

Walter Lippmann walterlx at earthlink.net
Wed Jun 9 08:50:40 MDT 2004

If reactionary forces are opposed to US intervention in Iraq
and they give reactionary reasons for their opposition, who
cares? We don't give those reasons, but we are glad that the
forces on the right oppose US intervention. Why? Because it
helps to legitimize opposition to the war. Du-u-u-h-h!

John Kerry says he's opposed to restrictions on our right to
travel to Cuba and he's opposed on restrictions on visitation
to Cuba, and he's opposed on restrictions on remittances which
are being sent to Cuba. This is all to the good and I'm glad
that he's taking these positions, even though he motivates it
on the basis of it being a better way to overthrow the Cuban
Revolution. Jeff Flake, Chris Dodd, Chuck Hagel and almost 
all of the rest of the Congressional opponents of the current
US policy against Cuba motivate their opposition in this way.

What should we do, concentrate all our energy on attacks on
Kerry over this, because Kerry the Imperialist doesn't have
a subscription to THE MILITANT?

Trotsky was right when he said that if we put a minus 
everywhere that the enemy puts a plus, it make every crank
sectarian automatically into a great revolutionary strategist.

Walter Lippmann

p.s., COUNTERPUNCH, by the way, recently ran a long piece
praising the murderers of Maurice Bishop with a column that
called the so-called "Grenada 17" the "last victims of the
Cold War. They echo Reagan and the US propaganda machine in
blaming "Cuban intervention" for the US invasion and then
occupation of that country.

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