[Marxism] what is Antiwar.com?

Walter Lippmann walterlx at earthlink.net
Wed Jun 9 09:57:15 MDT 2004

I certainly hope Kerry wins, don't you? But as I've said
more than once, I voted for Leonard Peltier in the Peace
and Freedom Party primary and he won. I'd much rather be
voting for a dream ticket of Camejo and McKinney, but it
isn't to be, alas. 

There's also John Parker of the Workers World Party who
will also be running a socialist propaganda campaign and
will be saying good things that I can support as well.
He won't be on the ballot in California, however. 

It's ALWAYS better when the more liberal candidate wins.
That way it helps exhaust the residual illusions which
most people on the political left, or who might be moved
in a leftward direction, continue to retain.

Back in the olden days gone by, the SWP made a habit of
running against the most liberal Democrats they could
find: Ron Daniels, Bella Abzug and so on. How silly.
I'm not saying socialists shouldn't run against such
people, but for the SWP, it was the PREFERRED candidate
to run against.

Of course I hope Kerry wins! He says he's for visits,
for remittances, for our right to travel. D-u-h!

In the virtual world and its marketplace of ideas, all
ideas are equal. Abstract and universally-applicable
principles are easy to argue. Ah, the sound of such
pleasing words as "impermissible" toll cheerfully.

In the real world where Bush and his team invaded 
Afghanistan, Iraq and Haiti, and targets Cuba as well, 
primarily for electoral reasons, there certainly IS a 
difference between the two candidates which ought to 
be clear to all. Even to self-designated "Marxists".


p.s., you haven't mentioned Nader and if you're still
planning on putting you energies into his campaign:

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