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> unique. But when I see provocative language about "those of the 
> Trotskyite Tradition and the various standards of anti-Sovietism", my 
> moderator's finger starts to get itchy. Just for Melvin's edification 
> and anybody else who is as obsessed with these questions, there's an 
> email list called Marxist-Leninist on Hans's server: 

> Trust me. These guys have turned anti-Trotskyism into an art-form. If 
> you participate there, your time won't be wasted with discussions of 
> Charlie Haden, etc.

Lou, if Charlie Haden's work is now the cultural standard for this list 
it's unfortunate you don't here raise the question of defending Trotsky 
as an art form, on account of Ornette Coleman's link to Cornelius 
Castoriadis and Haden's own LA projects (the Freedom Liberation Orchestra
and other collaborations).  That is, in point of fact it is *historically 
and formally misleading* to set the question of Trotsky exegesis upon 
the question of assessing the post-revolutionary Soviet Union: Trotsky's
writings are an *autochtonous* critique of such, that is to say already
determined as regards the relevant aspects of "Stalin and since" -- and 
if Trotskyism is to be put forth as a seriously militant alternative to 
more "discursive" Marxist traditions, such arguments are required on 
account of the solidarity and integrity of collective intention such 
organization methods create as against refusals of historical responsibility
meted out in "epic" measures.  

Really, Trotskyism requires its own defense and if we are to believe that 
the sectarian world of a more settled United States ought to be re-examined 
apart from the broad touches of US socialist history it is incumbent upon
the Trotskyist to provide an argument against *social democracy* as 
*congelatif* for Third-International inhumanity -- otherwise, you are
actually occluding more viable "native" American traditions and ought to
carefully consider the consequences of such arrangement. 


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