[Marxism] what is Antiwar.com?

David Quarter davidquarter at sympatico.ca
Wed Jun 9 10:45:22 MDT 2004

  I believe the majority of the writers would be considered  
libertarian or conservative as oppose to leftist, although it is not 
always easy to make this distinction. What is the common thread 
with the writers at ANTIWAR.com is that they consistently and 
unequivocally oppose western imperialism, U.S. hegemony and so 
forth. Whatever the faults of the website, this is a lot more than you 
can say of many so-called leftists today. 

From:           	Steve Gabosch <bebop101 at comcast.net>

> Does this list of contributors to Antiwar.com accomplish the goal of
> providing a "forum where the entire political spectrum ­ libertarian, left,
> right, centrist ­ can join together on the vital issue of opposing war"?
> What do marxmailers think of Antiwar.com?
> Thanks,
> - Steve Gabosch

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