[Marxism] what is antiwar.com

David Walters dwalters at igc.org
Wed Jun 9 11:07:00 MDT 2004

It was started by Justin Raimondo. JR was a leader of the Young 
Americans for Freedom in the 60s. A protege of William F. Buckely, et 
al. He became a right-wing Libertarian in YAF and lead the 'left' split 
away from them, joined the founding of the Peace and Freedom Party, 
then, rejecting the 'statist' leftism of the P&F, help found the 
Libertarian Party.

JR's politics are traditional Libertarian with lots of lefty social 
stuff thrown in. "Eclectic" is the best way to describe his politics. 
He runs Pat Buchanan articles but under 'D' he runs Deb's Canton Ohio 
Anti-war speech. Most activists that know about his site don't like him 
and would rather he go away. However, his site, as others have 
exclaimed,  has much useful material. I think it's fine they are part 
of the anti-war movement (rather that they show up at marches), much of 
what he advocates is probably a lot closer to what most Americans feel 
than what most socialists advocate.

Like Walter, I'm voting for the socialist P&F in November. I'm 
completely un-thrilled by Nader and his politics and, his direction.

While I'm at it, it is interesting to note semantically that the 
mixture of politics we are all exclaiming is 'left' politics, of this 
or that sort. Perhaps this is a minor issue, but historically, I 
believe the issue was 'working class politics', not the rather 
amorphous, semi-opaque term "left". Despite Jose's rather contorted and 
stretched use with the Communist Manifesto, the Greens/Nader are 
anything but (working class).


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