[Marxism] what is Antiwar.com?

Walter Lippmann walterlx at earthlink.net
Wed Jun 9 11:14:33 MDT 2004

A vote against Kerry would be a referendum on what 
Bush and his government have done. I'm for Bush and
his administration being defeated. It wouldn't make
much difference in the historic scheme of things but
it would still be good if Bush were defeated, even
if without the vote of the Marxmail's Moderator.

I'm not focusing on Kerry's campaign. I won't be
voting for Kerry, but for Leonard Peltier, though 
it's hardly an urgent issue today There isn't any
significant electoral alternative now, which is why
at this point, for people who call themselves left,
Marxist, revolutionaries or whatever, activism is
the most important thing. Probably I will vote for
Leonard Peltier, give money to Workers World Party,
and otherwise not give it a great deal of attention.

Bush held office, Kerry only voted to endorse what
Bush had done. There is also a difference in that,
in practice, if not in the universe of principle.
I'm not convinced, as some apparently are, that a
Gore administration would have been identical to
the Bush administration. Be my guest, on that.

The fact that some people are arguing this with
reference to what Lenin did in Tsarist Russia is
a sign that the case is being made in the world
of the sheerest abstraction, outside of time and
place, is full of righteous indignation, but not
much else. 

The most important thing right now is to build and
encourage mass action against US wars of conquest
and occupation. Whoever wins the presidency of the
United States will provide plenty of reasons to 
mobilize in protest.

You asked what's so bad about Nader? Here are two
items which are utter drivel. "despotic Communist
regime in China", "law and order against corporate
crime"? Gag me with a spoon. What conservative
Republicans believe in "law and ordure against
corporate crime"? But mainly, why is Ralph Nader
appealing to such a milieu in the first place and
why would a Marxist be so enthusiastic about this?
Conservatives are also very upset with a self-styled
conservative president who is encouraging the shipment of
whole industries and jobs to a despotic Communist regime 
in China. That is what I mean by the distinction between
corporate Republicans and conservative Republicans.

Next, conservatives, contrary to popular belief, believe in
law and order against corporate crime, fraud, and abuse,
and they are not satisfied that the Bush administration has
done enough.

Walter Lippmann
p.s. No one in the world noticed Ron Daniels' quite
good campaign. I never even saw a piece of literature.
I have no criticism of what he did twelve years ago.

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