[Marxism] Leaping senility: that Chas Fambrough tune...

DHE cuibono at rcip.com
Wed Jun 9 12:07:15 MDT 2004

I thought I was kidding: turns out the tune is "The Dreamer" on Chas Fambrough's (note sp.) 1991 CD "A Proper Angle". There was no personnel listed on the album notes; nor could I find mention of the date in the Steve Lacy discography. I still think it was him; Wynton & Jeff T Watts were listed. 

One more correction, re "Quicksilver": the structure was actually 7 bars A section, then SIX bars B section & repeat A&B, then bridge & vamp -- not seven and seven as I had it. 

But still easier to keep your place than Airegin or One Finger Snap at Koko tempo:)

A bigger challenge than this kind of stuff -- for me anyway -- is just figuring out the quinto marking on old Los Papines records. When you can hear Estilo La 'Bana & the Munequitos pretty good, you can matriculate to Iya parts in Bata calls:)

Which gives me an idea: if the Greens should blow it & fail to endorse the Nader-Camejo ticket, maybe California ANSWER could get behind a move to draft Bobi Cespedes for the veep spot? With Elaine Brown as Designated Sec of State?

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