[Marxism] The problem of the US working class (brief response to Melvin)

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>But what, then, is the fundamental problem?  It is the whole question of 
class consciousness, of class identity.  If workers have class consciousness, 
they will organize as a class and build a workers' party and vote for it.  If 
they don't, then all the rest of electoral politics is basically meaningless.  

This question is more, I am convinced, than the issues of racism, sexism, and 
other forms of division within the workers' movement.  We all know how to 
argue, I think, that in order to have a united workers' movement we need to fight 
those forms of division and deal with the issues facing the most oppressed.<


All of us - no matter what political tradition, have beaten our heads against 
the wall for thirty solid years trying to make sense of the actual class 
factors in front of us and discern the direction of our working class. Most - or 
at any rate, many of us cut our teeth on factory gate distribution and the 
battle for the streets in the 1960s and 70s . . . through the 1980s (The Reagan 
Years) . . . Desert Storm and the Clinton Years and into the Bush J.R. 

The evolution of my personal thinking on this question of class consciousness 
and our working class is not reflected in my form of exposition. 

I do not say or believe for a moment that "I have the answer." 

I do believe that are specific circumstances in America compelled Marxist to 
pose question from the standpoint of a sector of the industrial classes in 
motion. Today, it seems as if we might get a chance to pose questions from the 
standpoint of the industrial era and examine the various segments of the 
industrial classes. 

We are in a new era and all of us sense that "something has radically 
changed." There is much material available on the question of class consciousness at 
the various Marx Internet Libraries. 

"Something is missing right in front of us." 

Melvin P. 

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