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> "There are socialists who will vote for Kerry, socialists who will vote for 
> Brown, some might vote for Cobb, Nader, or Mickey Mouse."  

I'm reminded of the horrible cartoon in which Mickey shot Minnie: Why? 
'Cause she's fuckin' goofy!

Show me a socialist for Mickey Mouse and I'll show you a mickey-mouse 
Socialist. Socialism is the Disney version of Communism -- except of course 
national-socialism, which is the Fox reality Tv version. A social-democrat walked into 
a bar ...

One of the early Disney cartoons featured a henhouse where the chickens were 
super-exploited by the rooster-bossman (later transmogrified in political 
discourse into a pig as epigone) and forced to lay egges at an inhuman (!) rate. 
Along came the original Donald Duck as a character called Little Red Hensky -- 
skinnier than when Uncle Scrooge belatedly enterred the geneology, with little 
pince-nez glasses and a goatee a la Lev Trotsky. His job was to organize the 
hen-proletarians to strike for better pay by withholding their eggs. He 
fulminates  and brow beats them (yes, even fowl have brows) adn they win comfy 
conditions. But they keep laying egges and Hensky heads off into the sunset for 
another battle, crying "give me liberty or give me Cobb!"

No, seriously, folks:

This is not necessarily a metaphor appropriate to deconstructionists. I hear 
Zizek is either in bed or cahoots with Camille Paglia.

Can't wait for the movie to come out on DVD. 

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