[Marxism] Re:what is Antiwar.com?

Macdonald Stainsby mstainsby at resist.ca
Thu Jun 10 01:10:51 MDT 2004

marxism-request at lists.econ.utah.edu wrote:
   (Steve Gabosch)

> Does this list of contributors to Antiwar.com accomplish the goal of
> providing a "forum where the entire political spectrum ­ libertarian, left,
> right, centrist ­ can join together on the vital issue of opposing war"?

Yes, and that's why one can read antiwar and then know they must do further 
investigating. There are a multitude of sites that one might not 
automatically trust nor want to contribute to that occassionally have 
something quite worth reading. That's the nature of the internet, right?

Macdonald Stainsby
In the contradiction lies the hope

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