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> "congelatif"? Sounds intriguing. I wonder where I could find one?

In the political culture of the Third Republic, or at Home Depot --
the point being the "exteriority" of this item, not even a *fait sociaux*.
> I've never been inside a Starbuck's but maybe I could make one visit & call
> it "research" -- ?

More than one (it being a relatively economic way to take your coffee out), and 
I call it "greening": Starbucks is not quite the "avant-peace and justice"  
hangout seriously reform-minded politics requires, but it is something like the 
court of last resort for reasonably contemporary unfashionability in social mores.
Better times were once to be had, and with more "healthful" accoutrements than
giant tankards of espresso drink, but if the tolerable present requires frivolous
amusements that is frequently reckoned to be about where serious concern for 
others in society leaves off.


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