[Marxism] more on Nader

Jose G. Perez elgusanorojo at bellsouth.net
Thu Jun 10 07:16:01 MDT 2004

>>The point is this is not the same campaign this time as 2000. The 2000
Nader campaign, could be classified as a social-democratic campaign. For
example on domestic issues, Nader campaigned on a platform of workers
rights to organize, and the right of access to health care and housing,
among many other issues. By appealing to so called "disgruntled
conservatives", Nader will not be able to run this sort of campaign this

There is on C-Span a the video of a half hour speech by Nader followed
by about 20 minutes of questions and answers. I think you will find it
is quite different from his 2000 campaign only in one major way:
opposition to a major imperialist war while the war is actually going
on. Otherwise the sorts of platform planks you cite, and many others,
such as a living wage, will be found in that speech. What you won't find
are your fantasies about Nader having become some sort of conservative.

Rather than making a priori assumptions that his campaign in 2000 was
different, that "Nader will not be able to run this sort of campaign,"
why don't you take what he actually *says* and test whether you're
really perspicacious and not just prejudiced.


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