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>The working class raising itself to ruling class cannot abolish itself on
the basis of consciousness.

CB: The working class cannot do that without class and socialist
consciousness. That's the proposition.  Throughout history
oppressed/exploitive classes have remained so because of the greater class
consciousness of oppresser/exploiting classes. <


Here is the heart of the dispute. Consciousness cannot abolish a class. What 
abolished slavery was the steam engine, etc. What abolished the sharecropper 
was mechanization of agriculture. What abolishes the working class as a working 
class is . . . .

What has been the roadblocks in the working class movement in our country is 
not the greater class consciousness of the bourgeoisie, but a very real 
material development in the boundary of the industrial system. That is what is 
fundamental and defined the reform movement for the past century. If we approach it 
from the standpoint of "consciousness" then the failure to overthrow the 
bourgeois property relations is exculsively the fault of its conscious sector or 
the CPUSA and the SWP. 

I do not believe this is true for a moment. 


Melvin P. 

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