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The point is the fundamentaily of the material power of production - not
consciousness. You can have all the consciousness you want and never exceed
a material barrier that is the specific quantitative boundary of a social
Once this is understood, it follows that once a historically distinct
boundary begins transforming a mode of production - the ending of the
industrial mode of production for instance, then consciousness determines
everything because the process is underway.

CB: For Marx , it is the wagelabor/capital property relationship that is the
fundamentality.  This persists throughout the technological developments
from manufacture to modern industry to post-modern industry.  The capitalist
property relationship arises relatively unconsciously , especially from the
standpoint of the proletariat.  Marx and his followers set about making the
proletariat conscious of these property relations with the notion that this
consciousness is a necessary condition for burying them. The technical
organization of production and its development do not create an
insurmountable barrier in the consciousness of the p to burying the
bourgeois property relations. 


This is the dialectic of transition and the reason communists are the
conscious sector of the proletariat. The evolution of the consciousness of
the New American proletariat will be different from other sections of the
working class because it is more than less increasingly outside the buying
and selling of labor power. 

The New American proletariat must evolve along a trajectory that opposes all
property because it is not connected to the system in the same way as the
serf and feudal lord, the industrial worker and industrial capitalist, etc. 

CB: Is the proletariat only new in America ?

Any new system will have material means of production and consumption. How
these are employed and distributed will be a form of property.


The issue of conscious activity of a class is to broad and has to be defined
on the basis of what is in front of us without retreating to the
formulations of Leninism. Anyone can pontificate (not you CB) about
mediation, alienation. etc. The hard job is locating ones place in history
and what is in front of us . . . and unraveling class factors consistent
with Marx's description of the social process. 

The working class was never the grave digger of capital.


CB: Not yet, anyway. 


Melvin P. 

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