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> There has been some material blocks to the formation of class consciousness 
> amongst our workers and I believe that the most fundamental of them have 
> been 
> the regional differences expressed as wage differentials. Yes, the color 
> factor 
> has been overwhelming, but the wage differential undermines even the 
> striving 
> for trade union unity. Now, in real history it is impossible to separate the 
> color factor from wage differential and the profound regional differences 
> both 
> manifest. 

Racism, both color-coded and anti-immigrant, is at the root of these regional 
differences. Interestingly, a study back in the late 70s by Mike Rock showed 
that where the wage differential between "black" and "white" workers was 
greatest, the average wages of both groups were lower; he suggested that racism 
divided workers and left both the poorer for it because theri dvision limited 
both class -consciousness and organizing ability to fight back for better wages 
and conditions. While I agree with the general thrust of your analysis of the 
changes in the composition of the working class and the decomposition of the 
organized industrial proletariat, this dvision remains the great wedge of the 
ruling class in both class-consciousness and organization.
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