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> Detroit, as awful as it may be, is a bastion of imperialist privelege and 
> illusion. Automobile workers in China make less than $5.00/day. In Mexico they 
> make
> less than $10.00/day.
> That - and the consciousness it creates - is the problem with the US worknig 
> class. Everything else is secondary, tertiary, or wrose.

This issue of "privilege"-- sometimes rendered as "white-skin privilege" or 
more broadly "male privilege" -- is real but needs to be unravelled from 
moralistic wrapper in which it's usually presented. The schema outlined above -- 
workers are exploited more in one place than another -- results from the dynamics 
of capital accumulation. This creates consciousness or false consciousness 
but the moralistic condemnation of the variation in rates of exploitation as 
"privilege" amounts to a denunciation of, for example, black auto workers as 
"bought off" in Detroit, or brown workers in Mexico (where VW finally closed its 
last "bug" plant in San Martin outside Puebla) compared to the Chinese who 
replaced them, or Chinese workers are "bribed" compared to their unemployed or 
peasant compatriots, without recognition that the wage-rate is also the result of 
class-conscious struggle by workers, not merely the redistribution of 
imperial "super-profits" through unequal exchange.

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