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andromeda246 at hetnet.nl writes: [quoting Kemp on what we might call The Capitalist Creed or 

> the American Dream is not confined to one class or one color or even one 
> nation. It is the most powerful force for economic growth, wealth creation, and 
> emancipation in human history... with the right policies, we could look 
> forward to the promise that
> poverty as a permanent condition of mankind can be overcome. There have been
> a lot of social experiments over the past century and a half, and the 
> results are in. Only a democratic capitalist system can give people access to 
> capital that eventually lifts them out of poverty and misery.
> After more than 150 years of Marxist confusion on the subject, there can be
> no doubt that owners of capital and workers are not different people with
> conflicting interests, but the very same people at different stages of their
> lives.... While we aren't at the end of history, there is ultimately no 
> alternative to the liberal democratic ideal and the capitalistic organization of 
> human economic activity around private property and free markets. That's the 
> lesson Ronald Reagan taught us in the early 1980s and the lesson America must 
> provide the word in the 21st century. Thank you." 
> http://www.empoweramerica.org/stories/
I agree with J. that many people believe this pernicious creed as the 
counterfeit verdict of history promoted by the ruling class, and that it must be 
attacked, argued, criticized with facts and counter-facts. But one of the reasons 
so many people in US believe this is because it comports to some degree with 
what they "know" not from personal experience but confros with what they have 
been taught to believe is true. We can point out all the evils of capitalism 
and imperialism -- including those who promote it and execute it, like Reagan, 
but defenders of the system can always say life is better here than somewhere 
else. In that sense, "personal" attacks on the indvidual's character and 
policies are necessary to demystifying the process by demolishing the idols that 
apologists erect in their propaganda. So, damn right I disrespect the man as an 
individual and a person, as with Clinton or Gore or Nixon or any of the 
imperialists, precisely because that is the lie represented to us in the media that 
hides the bigger lie declared by Reagan's cheerleaders -- that this is the best 
of all possible worlds.

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