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Workers Action No.26, June 2004

Editorial: Truth, justice and the American way

Crisis elections for Blair - Charli Langford considers how socialists
should cast their votes in the June 10 local, London and European elections

EU25: a brave new world? - Darren Williams looks at the neo-liberal agenda
at the heart of the European integration project and explains why
socialists should reject the draft EU constitution

Teaching on the cheap - With the government trying to save money by using
teaching assistants in place of qualified teachers, Andrew Berry says it's
time for the unions to stop bickering and organise a united campaign

Challenges for the left in the PCS - Report on the situation inside the
main civil service union by Richard Price

Rebuilding a party of labour - Graham Bash looks forward to the founding
conference of the Labour Representation Committee

Disrespect for women's liberation - Louise Whittle comments on the Respect

Simon Deville writes on the occupation of Iraq, and on the use of torture
and assassination by the US in its "war on terror"

The US election and the anti-war movement - John Kerry won't end the war in
Iraq, but independent political action can, writes Mark Harris

Nick Davies writes on the continuing division of Cyprus, and on the Indian
general election

Bob Wood writes on the ethnic cleansing taking place in the Darfur region
of Sudan

Between chauvinism and neo-liberalism - A. Janaka reports from Colombo on
the outcome of the elections in Sri Lanka

Tribute to Al Richardson given on behalf of Workers Action at the memorial
meeting in Conway Hall in March

Obituary of Fred Jackson

Archive: "Our Orientation" by Bert Cochran

Richard Price reviews Eric Hobsbawm's "Interesting Times: A Twentieth
Century Life"

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