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writes [quoting Anthony on class conscousnees and the prospects for revolution 
in US]: 
> my guess is that the working class in the United States is already going
> through a process of internal polarization - one sector is becoming more 
> proimperialist, and another sector is moving in the opposite directon

My guess is that a massive shift in the composition of the working class has 
already taken place over the past 30 years: As a result of some of the factors 
Melvin and others have raised about the composition of capital, and the rise 
of speculative capital detached from production and floating in te world as so 
much spare change, some very large number of workers in the US have been 
permanently displaced from industrial production and the consciousness that 
engenders.Some other large number of the dispossessed (Jurriaan, help me here) have 
been drawn into administrative chores, in the realm of circulation of 
commodities -- advertising, marketing, commercial propaganda-making, ideology and 
apology functions of the "superstructure", real-estate, etc., i.e., not as what 
Marx called direct producers. Another big number of 
those-without-means-of-production have gone into the military, police, prisons, clerks who constitute the 
enforcement apparatus (the state as expression of the ruling class's monopoly 
on coercive power). Over all, there's been a big shift in population away from 
production to "work" in which there is no direct relationship with production 
or those who produce. Such people come more and more to indentify themselves 
wioth the extraction, concentration, transfer and reproductive functions of 
the empire of capital than with those exploited directly in productive labor as 
providers of labor power. There are countervailing tendencies at work, too, 
but this shift does not bode well for proletarian revolution in the US. Yet 
there is also an increase here, and even more in other parts of the world, of what 
Marx described as the relative surplus population drawn into and thrown out 
of productive labor as a reserve army of the unemployed and underemployed, and 
even more people, and more unpredictable, completely dispossessed of means of 
production, permanently detached from production, from the market for labor, 
from the "production of commodities by means of commodities" that characterizes 

Is there a successor to Labor & Monopoly Capital out there?

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