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Cnyadp at aol.com Cnyadp at aol.com
Fri Jun 11 05:38:58 MDT 2004

The Jew cabal myth is strengthened by evangelical   religious and corporate 
interests who claim to be "friends of Israel"  while  promoting  Sharonist 
policies that grow anti-semitism..The  Seven Sisters or the U.S. gentile oil 
oligarchy have   a long history
 of flirting with fascism and expousing  anti-semitism..Evangelical 
Christianity supported by oil and the military-industrial complex   currently has  a  
publicly   avowed solution in the middle east. It is  a Christianized Israel 
controlled by U.S. interests.  Israeli as mere  U.S. surrogate during the cold 
war and the Iraqi adventure  leaves to much wiggle room for an independent  
Israel that will not in Begin's words be  "Washington's banana republic."  For 
500 years in Europe, aristocrats who were losing their class status due to 
social upheavel and class transformation  found anti-semitism to be a valuable tool 
in deflecting the public from their own mischief.. Now that oilocracy has 
replaced democracy this tool is more useful than ever, being     
fed    daily by the  convenient  Palestinian/Israeli conflict..The ideal way 
to promote the jew cabal  conspiracy would be to connect jews to Bin 
Laden...The second best way  to  foment anti-semitism is  to  connect the jew cabal to 
socialism and Trotskyite internationalism. Joe Stalin and Hitler are  alive 
and well.                                               

joe dubovy

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